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Blog - Tanzanian Fine Art


  • Master Carver joins as advisor

    Master Carver Hugh Wedderburn

    Here at Tanzanian Fine Art, we have some very exciting news to share. Hugh Wedderburn who is a member of the Association of Master Carvers, is to become Hon Advisor to Tanzanian Fine Art.

    Hugh is a member of the Association of Master Carvers, the oldest such organization in the UK. At his workshop near London Bridge Hugh carves mainly in wood, though also enjoys stone and marble, working in period styles and designs of his own contrivance.
    He restores, reproduces designs and makes pastiche pieces for curators, collectors, decorators or dealers but his greatest pieces are in collaboration with the commissioning client; over a number of years a drawing emerges that can be agreed on, realized and enjoyed.
    Hugh was born in Nigeria and lived many years in Borneo State, so while recognizing that Africa like any continent has a variety of cultures, Hugh brings an understanding of the cultural context of carving and artistic expression in the continent.

    Tanzanian Fine Arts have welcomed Hugh with open arms and very much look forward to him joining the board, where he will act as an advisor for the purchase and use of carving tools and equipment as well as assist with training the carvers in Tanzania. Hugh will be supporting Tanzanian Fine Arts to reach their ultimate aim which is to develop a centre of excellence which is self sustainable.

  • Our Tanzania NGO

    Tanzanian Fine Art NGO

    Tanzanian Fine Art are expanding. As well as having a UK Company based in the UK we have now set up a branch office in Tanzania which is a Non Government Organization: a charitable organization.

    The Tanzanian branch objective is there to ‘produce Tanzanian works of art: carvings, paintings and carved furniture and to run a program for the development and improvement of this arts sector.  Tanzanian Fine Art (UK) ltd sells and markets the art to individuals and businesses worldwide.’

    The Tanzanian Fine Art Ltd Directors in the UK and Tanzania are:

    Frederick Hyde-Chambers

    Executive Chairman Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International

    Alan Clements

    International Internet Marketing and Business Consultant/Managing Director. Clements Marketing ltd

     Fuad Janmohammed

    Currently East African Advisor to Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International.

    In Tanzania the directors are additionally:

    Mbelwa Mochiwa Mnugwana  (Chairman)

    Joseph Nyunga

    Hassan Abdul